About JD Cox

JD (or Doug) performs his highbrow sax sound (soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones) all over the state and has done so since the 1960’s in all kinds of venues. He has full instrumentation behind him. His saxes are hot — pure class —silky and golden. “Your sax is the best we have ever heard,” is his most often received compliment. JD can perform out front or provide subtle background/dinner music for garden parties, corporate parties, weddings, dances, or other special events. Here’s a video showing him playing at an all-ages dance, and playing a variety of music.

Though you can listen to samples of his style and sound here

Though you can listen to samples of his style and sound here, know that he has hundreds of other numbers, classic, romantic and jazz.

JD’s daughter Elise can at times unite her vocal/keyboard/wood-flute/guitar abilities with his. Also his son Bry joins in on special occasions with vocals, harmonicas and guitar. Together they do cover songs as well as originals.


• 9 years of Music University studies— Jazz and Classical, Performance, Composition and Music Scoring

• Four years with University of Utah’s renowned Chamber Choir, with the A cappella Choir, and the University of Utah’s Jazz Band.

• Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus, Weber State University Orchestra & Band and the following Jazz Bands: The Red Coats, Star Dusters, Junction City Band and more.

• Concerts in the Park and Utah city celebrations in Riverdale, West Point, Delta, Clinton, etc.

• Music educator — high school bands, orchestras and choirs.Contact-JD Cox_DCox_Sax-192-edge